Although it may not be clear at first, this is a post about starting over, beginning anew. The author tried a number of different paths to independence, including an almost successful effort at online gambling before arriving at the conclusion that he needed something else, something he could control completely. He invested in a marketing course and studied the plans of several businesses including a successful online jewelry store that featured sterling silver rings. Always a fan of sterling silver jewelry he spent a good deal of time looking at one particular enterprise – This merchant had sterling silver rings to die for and the most exciting array of products ranging from simple to extremely complex with price ranges that varied accordingly. But after speaking with a number of experts he decided he first needed to quit his job. This is where the post begins…

Here I sit, another long day under my belt. It was a good day but as always I worked to hard for too little. It seems like no matter what I do there is always a barrier there that I just can’t break… I try as hard as I can but it has little effect. I’ve tried for years to climb the ladder of success. It has taken it’s toll too. There has never been a time when look back thinking to myself that I had an easy time of it. I have always had to work hard for a living. Nothing was ever given to me.

I have been selling insurance for about ten years now and I make an alright living doing it. I have a nice house. I can afford to buy a certified pre-owned vehicle every four or five years. I eat well and have close friends and family that love. If I had to describe it I would say that my life was Ideal. I would say that it wasn’t half bad and anyone who disagreed with me would probably have to re-evaluate their view point because it might be askew. The only real issue is that I have to work anywhere from fifty to sixty hours a week to support the lifestyle a want to live.

For years I have had no problem with the Ideal that if I wanted nice things I would have to work long and hard to get them but recently I found a new way of looking at things. I am not sure anymore if the path that I travel is really the one for me. Maybe I have been on someone else’s path all along. It’s funny, if someone told me a month ago that I would be quitting my job today, I would have had a good hard laugh because of how absurd that statement sounded.

Even though it was not intentionally planned, at the end of the day when it was time to clock out and go home today I had another idea all together. I did something totally unplanned and unexpected, even to me… I walked into the bosses office and told him that I was quitting. I told him I did not want anytime to think about it or two weeks to find something else. I explained to my boss, who I care for a great deal, that I had already found something that I was doing part time as a hobby.

I explained that the money I was making had been picking up and I could now support myself with the amount I could earn from doing it so that would be my plan.

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