Smokey 2

Two Twos. That is what I held and after the flop it looks like it could have been a mistake. Here I am again in this smokey little poker room doing my best to make a living with what I call work. I still have three people in the game and a lot of my chips are on the table. I was counting on my bet chasing these guys off the pot but it appears that they didn’t have the same idea. Wouldn’t you just know it? Nothing is ever easy and I think I might just have to sing for my supper. I am not sure about what the other players have but I think that two of them beat me.

I know that they are holding something strong because they followed me in when I tossed my chips and when the flop was turned It didn’t help me a bit. I am usually pretty good about this sort of thing and because of what is on the table I would be surprised if I still even have half a chance. Normally I would fold this hand up like a cheap chair but I have so many chips in the pot that it makes no sense for me to throw away the pair I have got when the pot is raised by such a short stack so I follow in limply…

The guy on my left is always wearing a suit and tie and I heard him tell the waitress that he’s a maritime lawyer working out of Lafayette Louisiana when he’s not playing poker. He has a tell – just touches his nose a bit too often just before he raises. These lawyer types are never great players – too uptight. But I can’t get too confident that his maritime legal senses dull his game. I’m very wary of lawyers in general, but I’m thinking too hard…

Luckily there was no raise and it seems I got out of that cheap so I could at least see the next card. I don’t know if anyone noticed because no one folded but I felt like my eyes popped out of my head when I got the next two on the table. That gives me three of the four twos in the deck and I am sure that is going to win this hand so I push the few chips I have left all in. I’m sure there were two reasons they all followed me in. The first was to see if I was bluffing but the second and probably more of a factor was that I had hardly any chips left on the board and they could not bring themselves to throw away the hand they had for such a little amount of chips.

When the fourth 2 was turned I was elated. I could no longer keep my poker face and luckily I didn’t have to. All my chips were on the table and there was no reason anyone would care about my hand after that point. When all the play was done I had picked up all four of the twos in the deck and I won a lot of money. Needless to say I stood up and walked out of that smokey little poker room to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

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