What is a Bonus?

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Online casinos and poker sites offer a number of different bonuses for players that use their site. These are similar to the “comps” that casinos use to give out back in the day for their top players. These bonuses are designed to attract loyal players and they are often great deals for people that frequent the site.

Some sites offer a first-time deposit bonus for new players that is designed to help them maximize their bankroll. These bonuses typically offer 100% or more on your deposit. Note that sites that use this kind of promotions often limit the amount of money a player can capitalize on with their deposit bonus. Web sites also frequently run promotions that enable players to participate in a contest/game that offers a guaranteed prize.

Many sites offer promotions that include gifts or giveaways, from relatively inexpensive branded merchandise to gadgets and consumer electronics, and in some cases all the way to luxury cars and vacations. You’ll most often see the best prizes from big-name sites like BoDog and Virgin, but many online bingo sites also regularly use prizes as a bonus incentive.

Numerous sites offer guaranteed tournaments, or cash tournaments which feature a guaranteed prize pool that will be paid regardless of the number of players participating. These tournaments are a great way to extract value from a website. The best thing about these tournaments is that they often exceed the required number of players to beat the overlay and that means that prize pools are bigger than initially promised.

Bonuses are a great way to take advantage of the system. They are great ways to help you stay within  your designated budget. Try to take advantage of them whenever possible as they are free ways to make some easy money that otherwise would be unavailable to you.

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Using them creates a whole new level to the advantage a player gives themselves. I would never even think about playing for a single moment without ensuring I am getting the biggest bang out of my buck. I always check to make sure that if there is some sort of bonus available I take advantage before moving on to anything else I have planned. I feel like it improves my odds of winning simply because the more money I have to play with the longer I can play. The longer I play the better chance I have of hitting it big!

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